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What We Do

Aton Connect SSH for Windows 8 Store App

Tap the tile on your Windows 8.1 touch screen or use your mouse and keyboard to connect to Linux and UNIX servers. Troubleshoot server issues or update web settings from any location you have an Internet connection. Aton Connect is based on PuTTY– one of the most popular and reliable open source applications for Telnet and SSH access from Windows desktops.


Aton Connect SSH for Windows Phone 8.1

Remote access to UNIX and Linux servers from your touch screen Windows Phone 8.1.  Aton Connect SSH for Windows Phone 8.1 continues the tradition of reliability that began in 2002 with our terminal emulation products for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile through version 6.5 (Rated 5 stars on Windows Mobile Marketplace.) Based on the highly regarded PuTTY open source software. 


Custom Windows 8 Apps

Are you under pressure to port a mobile app to Windows Phone 8 or Microsoft’s Universal format? Native C++ code giving you trouble? Don’t lose more sleep. Our first Windows Phone app was released in 2002. We have extensive experience with Windows 8 Store (Metro), Windows Phone 8 and Windows Embedded. We can help you achieve your business goals without costly errors.


About Us

Aton International, Inc. helps companies use mobile devices to increase revenue, lower costs and improve productivity.

Since 1981, we have been helping OEMs, ISVs and businesses of all sizes use leading edge technology and devices to achieve product and business goals.  We’re currently focusing on:

  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows 8, 8.1 Store, RT and desktop
  • Windows Embedded 8 (Pro, Standard, Industry, Handheld)
  • Windows Embedded Compact (Compact 7, Automotive 7)
  • Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5

Our founder, Charles Wilde, is considered one of the preeminent developers for Windows Phones and devices.

Aton International, Inc. mobile app development