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Aton Connect SSH Telnet for Windows 8
Remote access to UNIX and Linux servers from Windows 8 Tablets. Use your Windows 8 tablet with touch screen or with mouse and keyboard to troubleshoot server issues or update web settings from any location you have an Internet connection. Aton Connect is based on PuTTY-- one of the most popular and reliable open source applications for Telnet and SSH. More info...
Aton Connect SSH Telnet for Windows Phone 8
Remote access to Unix and Linux servers from touch screen Windows Phone 8. Sometimes you don't have a tablet or laptop handy. But that doesn't mean you can't access your web server. Aton Connect continues the tradition of reliability that began in 2002 with our terminal emulation products for Pocket PC and continued through Windows Mobile 6.5.  Based on PuTTY open source software.   More info...
Custom Windows 8 Apps
Are you under pressure to port a mobile app to Windows Phone 8? Native C++ code giving you trouble? Don’t lose any more sleep. We will complete your mobile app in record time. No late night phone calls, either. We are located in the USA.
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