Aton Connect SSH for Windows Phone 8.1

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Aton Connect SSH for Windows Phone 8

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Tap The Tile… Access Your Server…Problem Solved!

Aton Connect SSH  is secure remote access to UNIX and Linux servers from Windows Phone 8.1  using terminal emulation — just like you have on your desktop or laptop with PuTTY running on Win32 or Linux.

Like other Microsoft products, Windows Phone 8.1 does not come with an SSH client built in. PuTTY has become one of the most used SSH clients for the Microsoft Windows platform and is well known for its’ reliability and security. It’s user interface makes it easy to store hosts and settings for later use. This is especially helpful for tech professionals who work with a number of different systems regularly. But the original PuTTY only works on Windows desktops.

Our team has taken care to blend the best aspects of PuTTY with Aton’s own terminal emulation software for mobile devices to create this brand new version. Our goal has been to give you the most fully functioning app that we could develop.

Here’s what makes Aton Connect perfect for network managers, web developers, webmasters and system administrators who need to access UNIX and Linux servers from Windows Phone 8.1:

  • Easy to Implement – Just download the app from the App Store to your Windows Phone 8.1 and enter the connection information for your Linux / UNIX servers.
  • Reliability and Security – Supports security protocols SSH-2 and SSH-1 with various security ciphers included. We combined the reliability of our Telnet terminal emulator with the proven communication and robust security elements of PuTTY 0.63 SSH/Telnet client for the WinRT operating systems on Windows 8 touch or Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Low Risk – Developed by a US company with more than 25 years of experience in data access and embedded and mobile devices. Quick response support is available to assist you.
  • User Friendly – Clean, modern interface adapts the PuTTY settings for the touch screen. Most configuration options available to PuTTY are available in the Aton Connect interface. Use is made of all the additional features Microsoft has made to their WinRT touch environment. These include Unicode for multiple language and character sets, pinch to zoom, text scrolling, display font resizing, copy and paste and many more.
  • Low Cost  / High Value – At $1.99, Aton Connect SSH is one of the lowest cost SSH apps with extensive features and settings.


The newest version of our mobile application to access UNIX and Linux systems makes it easier for you to access servers and solve problems from your phone.

  • Connect to More Servers – Supports both SSH-2 and SSH-1 to connect with hosts using older and newer operating systems.
  • Flexible Security – Allows both keyboard interactive login and public / private security keys for SSH session authentication. The private key format conversion and import/export utility (OpenSSH, SSH Tectia, PuTTY) allows you to use the private keys from your desktop SSH clients.
  • Protocols – Aton Connect the same terminal emulations as PuTTY. You don’t need to buy multiple Telnet applications to connect to your servers.
  • Touch Enabled – Supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 – User interface specifically designed for advanced touch enabled mobile devices.
  • Security Encryption Ciphers – Includes DES, 3DES and Blowfish. Also includes AES and Arcfour for SSH-2 to connect with most SSH servers.
  • Online Help System– Explains how to use Aton Connect with your SSH host server and make use of the many features of our SSH terminal emulator.
  • International Support – Although the Aton Connect SSH user interface is localized for US English, it supports many languages via the translation of user selectable code pages in data sent by host servers to Unicode for display.
  • Session Switching – It includes a menu to allow you to easily switch to a different Host session. Aton Connect SSH supports one live server connection in the background while you are using the mobile device for other purposes. The server session can be brought back into view any time.
  • “Backbuffer” – stores the most recent 200 lines scrolled off the top of the text screen. Use a touch of your finger to see your previous terminal interactions.
  • Fonts – You can select the font face and font size that displays on the screen. Aton Connect SSH Telnet will automatically detect all fixed pitch font faces installed on your Windows Phone to allow you to select the one you want to display. Fonts are selected from a drop down box on one of the configuration screens.
  • A “Universal” App – Architected to be available on both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 touch, it is a true switch hitter.

How It Works

Aton Connect SSH for Windows Phone 8.1 emulates the Telnet series of operator terminals used with UNIX and Linux servers. It is composed of a Telnet host access protocol engine and terminal emulator component (ported from PuTTY 0.62). It is then embodied in a Windows 8.1 touch oriented user interface for Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 8.1 in touch mode. It can be used to access servers in a way similar to the familiar desktop terminal emulators. You will need a wireless or wire line TCP/IP connection to the host server. Connection may be made via private LAN, VPN or Internet that supports standard Telnet protocol (usually port 23 but is configurable). It connects to a public or private Telnet host server.

When Will It Be Released?

Aton Connect is scheduled for release Q3 2015.

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