Custom Windows Phone 8 App Development

Get Your Custom Windows Phone 8 App
In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Tell us the end goal you want to accomplish and when.
  2. Let’s work together to break it down to manageable modules.
  3. We’ll get it done!

Our focus is Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Embedded systems with experience in peripheral devices, communication methods, and interface to enterprise business systems. Windows 8 is new but our staff have been involved with Microsoft software for more than 20 years. We jumped into mobile app development in 2002 with the Microsoft Pocket PC. Windows Embedded is a core competency for us.

Aton’s offices are located in the USA. There is no need to worry about  late night phone calls, overseas travel or increased project management time. And, you can rest easy knowing that your valuable intellectual property remains in the USA. All work is performed here by well qualified software developers.

Get Tangible Business Benefits

  • Get your product to market faster, gain revenue, reduce costs.
  • Receive early alerts for problems and pitfalls associated with embedded platforms. Your management and staff can focus on the core value of your application.
  • Because all of our technical and management resources are located in the USA, we’re accessible on YOUR schedule.
  • Your intellectual property remains in the USA. You can remain in stealth mode longer.

Typical Short Engagement Projects We Handle

  • Develop the initial port of a desktop client business application to the Windows Phone environment.
  • Port an Android or iOS application to Windows Phone.
  • Create the initial port of a Windows desktop application to the Windows Embedded platform.
  • Analyze peripheral devices for driver compatibility and suitability for your project.
  • Work with your hardware engineers to develop formal test regime and supporting test software.
  • Develop Windows CE or Windows 7 drivers for custom I/O device in your dedicated instrument.
  • Interface your product with multiple business systems including IBM mainframes, IBM mid-range servers, Linux, UNIX and desktop systems.
  • Develop use cases and testing strategy to validate your product during development and after release.
  • Create integration strategy for connecting your dedicated device to legacy systems.


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